by Skyrimjob

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So on this track we got Brett Doyle riffing some guitars. He doesn't have any affiliation yet, but he's looking. Contact a m'fucka if you need a guitarist!

For vocals we got Matt from GASTRIC ACID, and Clint from RHEUM AT A GLANCE! Situated in Victoria, British Columbia, these ska-punk bastards are no strangers to retarded fucking projects such as this.

For example, this is GASTRIC ACID:


Pretty neat, eh? Yeah they're spiffy! Now this is the... "other" project:


Bass and composition by Slut. Check out his "real" band The Wrecktals (and their free music) here:


Drums by Drake. Nothing special to report there.


I've got a mountain of gold that you could never reach
My skills in magic you wish that I'd teach
I'll stab you in the face an crush your bones with my mace
You think you know me?
I'm a virtual G'
I grind trolls up and put them in my tea
And I dont ride wagons
I take flight and ride on dragons

I'm a necromancer
A necrophiliac
Gonna raise the dead
Then I'll get you in the sack
I'll turn into a werewolf then fuck you doggy style
You know I'm a prick
I'll save over your file

"Whiterun" what a wonderful place
Go find my favorite bang maid
And I'll put it on her face

All the ladies know that I'm the sex
I can pick them up just by pressing "X"


released February 2, 2012
Christoph "Slut" Leon - Composition, Bass
Drake Fummer - Drums
Matt "Matted Pubes" Pendlebury - Vocals
Clint "Clit-Wetter" Whitter - Vocals
Brett "Boil-Dick" Doyle - Guitars



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Skyrimjob Vancouver, British Columbia

You ever get those stupid ideas when you're drunk? You know, the ones where your friends tell you to shut the fuck up because you're talking drunk?

...You ever follow through with that idea for the next several weeks?

That's what this is.

I'm sorry.
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