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Cheesy porn music. 'Nuff said.

All up on this bitch, we got Robert Mattson from THE JEN HUANGS layin' down some sexy riffage with so much funk, I don't think I can keep myself from fucking the chair I'm sitting on. You can check out the chair-fuckingly-awesome THE JEN HUANGS here:

You won't be sorry you did! Unless your chair was like... made of a rough material or something.

Fuck it, moving on.

Bass was me. Composition was me. Male vocals were me. My band's free music is here:

And the pretty girl's voice was my pretty girlfriend Simone Dahl. You aren't getting a link to anything because I have a small penis and I am not comfortable with showing people my girlfriend because I am so insecure that I feel that everyone's going to steal her away from me.

And drums by Drake. Fuck that guy.


Act VII, Scene II, Continued
Lifts-Her-Tail: My goodness, that's quite a loaf! But how ever shall it fit my oven?
Crantius Colto: This loaf isn't ready for baking, my sweet. It has yet to rise.
Lifts-Her-Tail: If only we could hurry that along. How would I accomplish such a task?
Crantius Colto: Oh, my foolish little Argonian maid, you must use your hands.
Lifts-Her-Tail: You wish me to knead the loaf? Here?
Crantius Colto: Of course.
Lifts-Her-Tail: But what if the mistress catches me? Your loaf was meant to satisfy her appetite.
Crantius Colto: Don't fret, my delicate flower. I'll satisfy the mistress' cravings later.
Lifts-Her-Tail: Very well, but I'm afraid my oven isn't hot enough. It could take hours!
Crantius Colto: Plenty of time, my sweet. Plenty of time.
End of Act VII, Scene II


released February 2, 2012
Christoph "Slut" Leon - Composition, Bass, Vocals
Robert "Big Bob" Mattson - Guitars
Simone "Moan Doll" Dahl - Vocals
Drake "Gape Cummer" Fummer - Drums



all rights reserved


Skyrimjob Vancouver, British Columbia

You ever get those stupid ideas when you're drunk? You know, the ones where your friends tell you to shut the fuck up because you're talking drunk?

...You ever follow through with that idea for the next several weeks?

That's what this is.

I'm sorry.
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